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Apr 14, 2011 3 Comments ››

The Mayo Clinic interviews Linda Hageman about her surgical and personal history with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia.
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  1. Suzy Ferreira says:

    Hello I am fighting with docs and a geneticist to test me for MEN1…’s very scary when you know so much more about this tumour syndrome then your docs and geneticist…….I was dx with a Lung carcinoid tumour back in 2005 I am now 35 and very ill….it is very hard to cope with this disease. My father was recently dx with a tumour in his colon and I am fighting with his pathologist and oncologist to test him for carcinoid because certain stainings were not done on his tumour. His sister died from a pancreatic tumour about 15 years ago and it was not biopsied. I understand this disease affects every family differently and I pray for anyone who has to suffer with this horrific type of cancer. I feel I am fighting this battle alone because NODBODY understands it or believes that I have it….it is very frustrating. I feel sick almost everyday and taking care of my 3 boys and working is very hard and challenging at times. I am grateful for finding this website because it seems the only thing that helps me is reading about other stories and always researching and never giving up.

  2. linda says:

    Dear Suzy,
    I am sorry that you seem to have a problem getting to the right type of physician that is knowledgeable. If you will email me off line and we an talk about the area you live in and possibly come up with a physician that will understand and be educated about endocrine conditions. I look forward to hearing fro you soon in the near future. Hang in there You are not along. Linda Hageman. RN

  3. tableau says:

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