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What is MEN?

Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia is a rare genetic disorder that affects the functions of the endocrine glands, resulting in hormonal imbalances which can lead to diabetes and other medical conditions.

While there’s no cure for MEN, early detection, dietary changes, and careful medical monitoring can help control the disorder. Approximately 3 to 20 persons out of  20,000 suffer from MEN.

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Interview with the Mayo Clinic This month we’re featuring Linda’s interview with the Mayo Clinic. The 40-minute video is a great way to learn more about Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia and the struggles that patients encounter in treatment.Click on the image to view the interview.

We hope you enjoy it.

MEN Information Personal Stories Helpful Websites
What is MEN?

A comprehensive entry provided by eMedicine.com

Mayo Clinic Interview

The Mayo Clinic interviews Linda Hageman about her surgical and personal history with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia. (40 minutes)

Mayo Clinic MEN1 Site

The Mayo Clinic’s MEN1 site. Extensive and up-to-date information about MEN1 and relevant research.


The National Institute has a great summary of hyperparathyroidism and treatment
Surgery 2003: A Series of Surgical Procedures

Linda Hageman, founder of The Hageman Foundation, details a series of medical procedures performed at the Mayo Clinic.

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National Institutes of Health

MEN1 page

National Cancer Institute

MEN2 Page

Sharing Mayo Clinic

A place for patients to sharing their stories. Hoested by The Mayo Clinic

UCLA Endocrine Surgery

Excellent patient information including links to reputable web resources, an overview of the endocrine system and a history of endocrine surgery


Comprehensive source of information on endocrinology

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